When it comes to raising children, parenting can be
very rewarding and at times, challenging.

Triple P is a free program for parents across the Sudbury & Manitoulin Districts
that can offer practical, positive suggestions and help take the guesswork out of parenting.

Triple P Advice for Parents During COVID-19
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Triple P Parenting Online Program

In some cases, busy schedules can prevent us from finding the time to seek out the parenting support we need. Now you can access Triple P from your home with Triple P Online. For 12 months you’ll have access 24/7 to work through eight modules that cover all the Triple P strategies at a pace that works for you.

Contact Public & Health Sudbury & Districts’ Health Information Line at 1.866.522.9200, ext. 342  or email healthinfoline@phsd.ca to see if this is the right service for you.

*spaces are limited.


Are you looking for ways to help with every day issues parents face?

For parents of children ages 2-10 years old. Seminar is a series of 3 sessions that will give you an overview on the basics of positive parenting. Each presentation lasts approximately 90 minutes, including time for discussion. You’ll learn how to use positive parenting to encourage your child to learn the skills and competencies they need for health, development, and well-being.

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Family Transitions

Are you currently going through a separation or divorce?

Learn how to protect your child from the impact of your changing family dynamics. You will spend two hours a week, for five weeks, in a small group setting exploring everything from stress and anger management to how to communicate better with your ex-partner. It is recommended to take this program alone or with a support person. If your ex-partner also wants to take the program, he/she should attend a separate group.


Stepping Stones

Are you the parent of a child with a special need?

Stepping Stones helps you manage behavior and developmental issues common in children with a disability. It helps you encourage the behavior you like, cope with stress, teach your child new skills and build better family relationships.

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Triple P Groups

For parents of children 2-10 years old

This parenting group is an 8 session course that will set you up with the full range of Triple P’s positive parenting strategies. You’ll be part of a small group setting with other parents. 
  • Effective parenting strategies
  • How to promote your child’s development
  • How to manage common child behaviour problems
  • Principles to help you deal with almost any situation that might arise

For parents of teens 11-17 years old

This parenting group is an 8 session course that will set you up with the full range of Triple P’s positive parenting strategies. You’ll be part of a small group setting with other parents.
  • Providing a home that guides and supports your teen as they become independent young adults
  • Helping your teen to become skilled at making good personal decisions
  • Negotiating rules, responsibilities and privileges
  • Staying calm when inevitable conflicts arise
  • Being realistic – every teen and every parent will make mistakes. Most mistakes are minor and you’ll learn as you go along.
  • Taking care of yourself as a parent

For more urgent concerns, please contact the Children’s Mobile Crisis Program at 705.675.4760 or 1.877.841.1101.

About Us

Triple P of Sudbury and Manitoulin Districts is a partnership of children’s health, education and social services providers working together to offer Sudbury and Manitoulin District families free, high quality parenting programs and individualized support and advice.

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